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  • Reetika Syal

margit van wessel

Reetika Syal is assistant professor at Jain Deemed-to-be University, Bangalore. She has been one of the postdocs in the Civil Society Dynamics project at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. For this project, Reetika Syal studied collaborations between state and civil society organizations in disaster governance. She analyzed the reasons for collaborations, the expectations that the state has from CSOs, and how CSOs navigate their way within these collaborations. She also sought to bring out different types of collaborative relations that state and civil society organizations engage in. She conducted fieldwork in the Indian states of Bihar and Gujarat, and in Delhi. 

Reetika Syal holds a PhD in political science and has over eight years of experience in the development sector including research in rural and urban Governance; service delivery; inclusive and sustainable development. 

Her doctoral research was titled ‘Civil Society and Inclusive Governance: Delivery of Elementary Education in Madhya Pradesh’, for which she studied how collaboration between the state and civil society organizations impacts delivery of education. 

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